Sue A.

Providence, RI
I recently got the inside of my 10-year old Honda Civic seriously dirty. I ran in a mud-run, then got caught in a downpour, and without thinking jumped into my car without putting down a towel or anything to protect my fabric seats. For a few days it was a moist and increasingly smelly mess.

I’ve also never really cleaned the inside of my car. I regularly pick up any stray food wrappers or bottles to recycle, but I’ve never vacuumed or wiped down the inside.

After the muddy mess, I brought my car to Veneton to have the seat cleaned. When I got my car back two hours later, it looked like when I drove it out of the dealership, 10 years and 160,000 miles ago. My husband texted me when he saw the car a few hours later because he couldn’t believe how good it looked. And they even washed the outside of the car and organized my mess of a trunk, even though that was outside the bounds of what I requested/paid for.

They also dropped me off at my door after I dropped off my car (they had offered to come pick it up or drop it off, too) so that I wouldn’t waste time walking.

Great work, and really friendly staff! If I ever need this type of service again, I’ll definitely go back. And I would definitely recommend them to a friend.