About Us

Our reputation speaks for itself. From the moment you arrive you are met with a welcoming receptionist and team who are eager to understand your needs and exceed expectations. The owner dedicates his time to make sure the car is in perfect condition and no car leaves the shop without his approval.

We provide pick up and drop off to cater to your convenience. If you’d like, you can drop off your car to us before heading into work and we will provide transportation to your place of work. While you are at work, we work diligently on your vehicle and deliver the car to you personally. If you can’t drop off your car, we will pick it up at your desired location. We make sure to work around your schedule and availability.

We take great pride in our work and explain what we do thoroughly including how we came to the cost of the job. We treat every job seriously and handle your vehicle with care and respect.

Since we have a deep sense of customer appreciation, we strive to fulfill your needs and are confident you will return to us in the future. We have even heard customers express surprise that the second time around with us was even better than the first time!

See our gallery for a variety of custom auto jobs; browse to Reviews to see honest customer feedback; and see our services for more information.