Window Tint: Get protection from UV light that can damage the interior of your vehicle and change the look of your car by applying tinted windows. We offer a variety of shades to meet your needs. Call us for a free quote!

3M Paint Protection: Keeps the front nose or entire car (it’s up to you partial or full body) from road debris, minor dents, and environmental damage. 3M paint protection keeps your car aesthetically new because the film is so strong, it can withstand minor damage caused by other vehicles.

Vinyl Wrap: A film that allows you to change the look of your car to appear painted. The benefit of this feature is lower cost as opposed to an actual paint job, and the option of unique vinyl wrap colours and styles.

Plasti Dip: Is a top quality rubberized coating that can be used to change the colour of the vehicle. It comes in a variety of colours. You also have a few options for top coats such a flat (matte), gloss or even a pearl. This product holds up well and is also easily removed.

Paintless dent removal: Is a highly skilled technique in which minor dings and dents are removed from the exterior of the vehicle without the costly and time consuming need for body shop repairs. This job would require and on sight view of damage before quoting.

Full Reconditioning Detail: This service includes both interior and exterior of the vehicle. Your vehicle will be clean to the best of its capability, being treated with the best products on the market.

  • Buff and Wax [removes service scratches]
  • Exterior and interior windows
  • Dress tires and rims
  • Door jams
  • Engine
  • Vacuum
  • Seats [leather has special treatment]
  • Center console/ dashboard

Interior Detail: Consists of the entire inside of the vehicle.

  • Vacuum
  • Center console/dashboard
  • Seats [leather has special treatments]
  • Windows
  • Doors

Exterior Detail: Consists of the outside of the vehicle.

  • Wash
  • Engine
  • Dress tires and rims
  • Buff and wax [removes surface scratches]
  • Windows

Signs, Banners, and Decals: Whether you already have an idea or would like us to brain storm with you we offer customized decals, signs and banners. This is not just a service we offer for vehicles but also your businesses and home. With such a wide variety there is nothing we can’t print! Business signs, quotes for your walls at home or maybe even a child’s room with their favourite character.

Custom Apparel: T-shirts, Tank tops, leggings and more. Whether you need them for work or your own personal use. Need help coming up with a design? One of our team members would be happy to help you.

Remote starters, Cameras & Alarms: We have Systems to accommodate everyone, whether you’re looking for something basic to do the job or top of the line product.